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Monday, monday (on Wednesday)

off the coast of Mumbai

In honor of this week’s travel theme, here a shot taken from a boat off the coast of Mumbai in February of last year. Where it was really hot. Unlike how it is right now in San Francisco…

The most beautiful travel backgammon set you will ever lay eyes on.

Cats and dogs mark new territory by spraying. I prefer a different sort of aromatherapy to make myself feel at home in a new place.

If only this jacket had been available before we took off to San Francisco, I would have owned it, and been comfortable (instead of slightly chilly, which has been my constant state for the past 5 weeks)

Why stay in a hotel when you can sleep in a treehouse?

This is my favorite travel blog. I want to do everything they do.

The internet where I’m staying right now is horrible, but after I read about Hasan Elahi’s TED talk on what he did after being accidentally put on an FBI watch list, I patiently endured the 30 minute download time in order to watch it. And it was worth every second.

Commuters are travelers, too. Now more than ever, Americans are driving solo to work. And NPR has the graphs to prove it. Evidently we didn’t get the memo on climate change.

Hold, monsters!

My regularly scheduled Monday post full of links to various places of interest on the web is going to be a bit late in coming today. So in the meantime, enjoy this masterful performance of the Modern Major General’s song by the inimitable George Rose. (with cameos by Linda Ronstadt and Kevin Kline)

Links are on their way…

Monday, monday

Man did I want to be Mrs Peel when I was a kid. Actually, I still do.

My daughter hates anything spicy, and by that she means that if she can detect even the slightest hint of pepper, it’s a no go. She does, however, love paprika, so I’m always on the lookout for recipes with that delicious flavor so tht dinner doesn’t always end up tasting like bland mac + cheese. This purple cauliflower dish fits the bill and looks beautiful to boot– we’ll be trying it this week for sure.

Here’s an interesting look at 10 surprising things about parenting in Japan.

A letter from F Scott Fitzgerald to his 11 year old daughter about what one should and should not worry about.

Just relax and let Kim France tell you where you go shopping for the home in NYC these days by bookmarking her list of 10 current faves. She makes these lists for a living.

Maybe if I had this cookbook, I’d finally become one of those people I’ve always admired who can cook on the fly.

The most beautiful beach tennis game I’ve ever seen.

Monday, monday

summer reading flowchart from flavorwire

Just a little chart to get your reading ideas flowing. Courtesy of the good folks at Flavorwire, my favorite listmakers.

Reading is fundamental, and there’s no better time than the summer to catch up on a book or two. (Or so they say… my summer has felt busier than the rest of the year, but I digress) Herewith, a few links related to this most elemental of activities.

First off, Annie Murphy Paul asks: Are readers an endangered species?

Here’s the Flavorwire summer reading flowchart in it’s entirety, with the accompanying article. Sure, it’s from last summer, but books never expire.

Check out A Cup Of Jo’s Joanna Goddard’s favorite bedtime stories for her kids (cause now she has two!)

Chip Kidd is one of the world’s premiere book designers. He’s also hilarious. Here’s his TED talk about why designing books is no laughing matter. Oh no wait…

Can’t go wrong with a critics’ favorites book list from NPR.

Anorak is my favorite kids magazine.

My daughter and I participated in The Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project (feel free to read my earlier post for details) and the tour is on. Check their site to see when the books are going to show up in your town. And then go see them! (you can see my sketchbook online via the digital library, too… but it’s less rewarding)

Monday, Monday

the institute by nonchalance

Sometimes summer is about unlocking mysteries like The Institute. A bit more about this documentary below. Photo courtesy of Nonchalance.

Daily Candy does it again with a list of 24 outdoor toys that are as pleasurable to look at as they are fun for the kids to use.

Be a true summertime hero and make your own popsicles. Here are a couple of my favorite posts on the subject, with recipes, ideas for molds, etc. I wrote this one, and the inimitable Jessica Blackman wrote this one. Both on Krrb. Both awesome.

Three inventive, beautiful and most importantly, easy ideas for growing an herb garden this summer.

Steve Baskin tells us why unplugging and sending our kids to summer camp might just be the best way to set them up to excel in this crazy digital world.

Your “journey into a secret underground organization teeming just beneath the surface of every day life begins here.

Man, if I make even just two of these summer pies (there are 20 on the list) I will consider myself a champion.

It’s summer sale time! And who doesn’t want this multi stripe drape back top from Bird?

Monday, Monday

Japanese briadal clones

A mini-me for the Japanese bride. Photo © Danny Choo

A few links to help usher you all into this long holiday weekend…

It continues to be wedding season, so if you’re still trying to figure out what to get the bride who has everything, consider a clone. It’s all the rage in Japan.

And speaking of marriage, the Gay Pride parade in NY yesterday had a little something extra to celebrate, thanks to the Supreme Court. As did these guys.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but after I watched this video showing us all how to fold a short sleeved shirt in just 2 seconds, I found myself rummaging through my drawer for a tee shirt to practice with. It really works. Amazing.

No seriously, there really is going to be a second avenue subway. Check out these mind blowing photos and see how it’s going.

A brilliant summer activity for the kids from the folks at Momfilter. (More of these, please…!)

Oh right… July 4th is this Thursday! Get patriotic at the grill with this star spangled spatula.

And speaking of holiday picnics, will somebody please make this peach/pecan crumble and tell me how it tastes?

Monday, Monday

Jean-Christian Bourcart weddings

Some pictures are worth considerably more than a thousand words. Photo courtesy Jean-Christian Bourcart via Slate.com.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s wedding season! Check out these brilliantly strange-yet-enchanting wedding photo outtakes on Slate.com.

Evidently, none of us are washing our hands correctly. Here’s how it should be done.

I made this cider braised pork shoulder with caramelized onions for Father’s Day dinner and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

And here’s a beautiful quote about the special kind of bravery it takes to be a father.

I know, I know, Daily Candy can be a little annoying, but this list of books for little kids is filled with gems and well worth checking out.

The iconic Kim France gets fashion inspiration from her 10 year old nephew. I shudder to think what might happen after a few days with my five year old…

I saw the new Superman movie this weekend. It didn’t suck. Slightly too long trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, Monday

bikini kill poster

These truly punk Bikini Kill posters are on sale to help more girls learn to play music. Here’s to the next generation of riot grrls!

Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill) has teamed up with VFiles to create a riot grrl mini collection (a dress, lip balm, poster… all the necessities) Proceeds go to help fund the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting empowerment by teaching girls to play music. Limited quantities, so run don’t walk.

Cool off by making this delicious watermelon mint smoothie from Well and Good.

Watch Brian Faherty (founder of the Portland, OR furniture design company Schoolhouse Electric) speak about rediscovering his analogue self in a digital world and figuring out how to have the two universes live in harmony.

Listen to President John F Kennedy’s profound speech on world peace and what it could actually mean. Today is the 50th anniversary of this address, by the way…

It’s never too early to foster your kids’ design sensibility. Check out these pint sized versions of beautifully designed chairs on Pangea.com.

Dude, it is now legal to grow pot in Colorado.

Just some hands, reaching up, forever. From the Ace Hotel’s wonderful blog.

Monday, Monday

climbing hydrangea

It’s a grey and rainy day, which isn’t so great for my mood, but look what it’s done for my hydrangea…

A friend forwarded this blog post to me. It sounded kind of lame (“Worst End Of School Year Mom Ever”) but for some reason, I started to read it. By the middle of the post, I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. For all you parents-of-school-age-kids out there, this is a must read.

Check out Apartment Therapy’s Ultimate Used Furniture Cleaning Kit, just in time for flea market season…

With all the inter-racial families out there, you’d think the days of outrage over the depiction of one such family in a Cheerios ad would be over. You’d be wrong.

Are you a millennial female? Then The Everygirl is the site for you.

An interesting story about the man who made Coney Island.

I ripped my favorite shorts while rock climbing in Joshua Tree. Are these the perfect replacement?

Thank you, oh Yolanda Edwards of Momfilter (and Martha Stewart Living, but I digress) for telling us about Fox 8 the “short story/fable/e book” by George Saunders (who wrote 10th of December about which I will go on at length in a separate post really soon) I am about to actually buy a digital book for the first time ever.

Monday, Monday


Happy Memorial Day. And while we’re on the topic of remembering things, here are some places to check out on the web…

An app to help you remember your dreams.

NPR gathers an hour’s worth of TED talks on the subject of memory, how a nimble one can improve your life, and how a faulty one can hurt others.

When I asked my husband what is his favorite memoir, he answered Goodbye To All That, by Robert Graves. Without hesitation. It’s about the worldwide loss of innocence that occurred as a result of World War I. Seems like a bit of a downer to me, but the best books often are.

Green Memory. A very short poem by Langston Hughes about war and money.

UCLA Professor Gary Small gives us a couple of tips on how to improve our memory.

There are folks leaving disposable cameras all over the world for people to find, use to record a memory or two, pass on to others, and eventually return. It’s called The Disposable Memory Project. Have you seen one of these cameras anywhere?

Why remember stuff when you can just enter it into your phone? Check out PC Magazine’s top 10 organizational apps for the iPhone.