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Monday, monday- or more links about resolutions (sorry!)

OK you people buck up. It’s the beginning of January. Time to make some resolutions. What? Haven’t figured out how you’re going to transform yourself into the perfect version of you yet? Maybe these links will help point you in the right direction…

Getting rid of all screen media for your kids might be too much to ask for. But how about just resolving to actually watch the movies with the little people? Hello Dolly is a current family favorite, though my daughter has absolutely forbidden me to sing any of the songs afterwards, which is nearly impossible.

Looking to become more efficient in 2014? Tech columnist David Pogue shares 10 tricks to save all sorts of time and energy when interfacing with your best friend oh-no-wait your computer/the internet. I’ve already put most of them into practice.

I’m sure we also all want to clean out the unwanted toxins in our bodies, right? Who wants those around? Maybe you’re really ready to go for it with a cleanse.

And while we’re on the topic of cleaning out, for my fellow hoarders, there is Krrb.com. Believe it or not, there are tons of people in your neighborhood who actually want your junk.

I’m sure you are all also going to start drinking enough water. They say we need at least 64 oz a day. Never fear!! There’s an app to help with that, too! (Phew…)

Resolving to improve your memory? Evidently a little music might be all you need.

And now that we’ve come to the end of this post, it turns out that, according to Time Magazine, New Years resolutions are bad for you.

We are all off the hook.

Monday, monday, or more links about year end round-ups.

Of all the millions of Best Of Whatever in 2013 lists out there, I give you a few of my favorites…

the fader's listmania

If you want to spend a good long time losing yourself in the world of music and pop culture in which The Fader rules supreme, look no further than their own series of “Best Of’s” for 2013. It’s called Listmania for good reason.

Coolhunting offers up the most interesting web headlines of the year.

If you haven’t been paying attention to much of anything this year and are feeling really behind, just check out Time Magazine’s Top 10 Everything list and you’ll be basically caught up.

The Cut (from NY Magazine) gives us their take on the Best Fashion Images of 2013.

Gifs are everywhere (except this blog, because I haven’t figured out how to include them.) The Creator’s Project points us in the direction of their 2013 favorites.

Flavorwire, the grande dame of listmaking, shares with us the words they never ever want to hear again after 2013. Like selfie. And millennials.

This isn’t specifically about the top anything, or 2013, but it is a list, and it’s funny, and really insightful, so lastly I include this piece I saw on xoJane called 5 things I thought about while I was waiting in the police station to report the kid who stole my phone.

Monday, Monday, or more links about singing

For your listening (and viewing) pleasure, some holiday songs to get you in the mood…

Mahalia Jackson, the queen of the spiritual, singing Go Tell It On The Mountain.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs sing All I Want For Christmas

The Flaming Lips (who played a fantastic show with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Brooklyn last year) sing Christmas At The Zoo.

The Kinks, who will always rock, sing Father Christmas in a sort of messed up yet nonetheless great video.

This one is potentially a bit cheesy, but I have always loved it: Bing Crasby and David Bowie sing The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth.

And then here we have Johnny Cash singing his own, really weird version of the same song.

Hands down the best version of this song ever recorded: The Temptations sing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Monday, Monday – or more links about holiday gifts, inspiring world leaders and annoying phrases.

The Year without a Santa Claus
was one of my all time favorite holiday specials from back in the day when you had to wait all year just to get to see them on TV. And Mother Nature’s two wacky sons really stole the show.

While working on my own gift guides, I’ve come across a few others that I really like… so in the generous spirit of the holidays (and the blogosphere in general) I suggest you also check out A Cup of Jo, I Want To Be Her, and Cool Hunting for some great suggestions.

Oh and if you want to be really cool and give something local and/or handmade and/or secondhand you should check out what the good people at Krrb have suggested in their holiday gift guide.

The New York Times honors the incredible life of the late Nelson Mandela with a stunning series of images.

I saw a link to My Kid’s Insane Christmas Wish List on A Cup of Jo and clicked on it right away because I know JoAnna Goddard and was curious how her toddler could already be making insane requests. It’s not her son’s list, thank goodness. But it’s a funny read nonetheless.

Which word (or phrase) do you think should be banished for all eternity? Time magazine is doing a poll to find out.

A purse that charges your smartphone. Yep. You heard it here first.

Monday, Monday– or a bunch of links about happiness

Evidently one thing all humans have in common is that we all want to be happy. Here's to unearthing that secret (and sharing it with everybody else!)

Evidently one thing all humans have in common is that we all want to be happy. Here’s to unearthing that secret (and sharing it with everybody else!)

Stress levels at the family Thanksgiving dinner still got you down? Here’s a “playlist” of TED talk videos that are all about happiness, what it really is, and how we can get a piece of it for ourselves.

And if that doesn’t make you happy, maybe an Amazon delivery drone bringing your package to you 30 minutes after you ordered it will…

Ok, maybe the path to happiness is not about philosophy or delivery, but just a simple green juice.

Or perhaps just a little piece of sweet potato cake with marshmallow frosting is what’s needed to push you a happy place…

Sometimes, just coming home is enough to make you (and everyone around you) happy. Like Barbra Streisand in Hello Dolly, turning up at the Harmonium Gardens restaurant after so long…

Leave it to the people at The Wall Street Journal to question whether happiness is overrated…

Nevermind the naysayers, at the very least, giving to others is bound to bring a smile to your face. This month, Bird (one of my favorite shops) is taking part in the NY Cares coat drive– drop off a gently used jacket or coat and get 15% off any new outerware you might happen to find there. Win/win!

Monday, monday– or more links about politics and Thanksgiving

How to properly set a table (both formal and informal) broken down in a chart for all of us to follow. And deviate from if we're feeling it. Illustration by Adam Dachis on lifehacker.com.

How to properly set a table (both formal and informal) broken down in a chart for all of us to follow. And deviate from if we’re feeling it. Illustration by Adam Dachis on lifehacker.com.

The 10 Laws of Thanksgiving Dinner, according to the great Sam Sifton.

Just Say No to Shopping on Thanksgiving has a Facebook page! Go like it right now.

If you’re going to be spending time in airports on the next couple of days, this app might help turn the layover into an adventure.

Here’s a culinary way to celebrate Thanksgiving and Hanukkah in one go: the baked parsnip and apple latke.

And while we’re talking about food, it now looks like going nuts (and by “going” I mean eating) on a daily basis has a significantly positive impact on longevity.

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner table topics, politics is generally taboo. But just in case you find yourself stuck in the conversational quagmire of the Middle East, this NPR piece does a really good job of breaking down what we all need to know about the Iran Nuclear deal.

And lastly, a propos of nothing, is the Matrix real? Turns out we may actually be living in some kind of simulated reality… so do we perform the necessary tests to find out or just keep our heads in the sand?

Monday, Monday – or more links about holiday food, tartan, and airbags for your head.

Just watched Brigadoon for the first time (with my daughter, who LOVED it) and was blown away by the fact that Gene Kelly was both the star and the choreographer. Is there anybody doing stuff like that today? That’s actually any good…?

It is much harder to commit to a year of wearing only 3 brands than I thought. Even if it is just pretend.

One of my favorite kids’ lines, Kallio, just busted out a great flannel tunic/dress that’s perfect for the cold weather that’s finally here.

This invisible bike helmet is the Best. Idea. Ever. Prepare to be blown away.

Hanukkah is basically the day after tomorrow (aka the end of next week) so here are some simple instructions for making a great latke.

But before the festival of lights comes THANKSGIVING. Thank you oh thank you sweet Julia Moskin and Melissa Clark for breaking the whole thing down for us lesser mortals. We will be forever in your debt.

And lastly, check out this 1994 Today show clip where they get all confused trying to figure out what the “Internet” is. The world had no idea what was coming:

Monday, Monday or more links about long underwear, Google, and our bodies as recycling waystations…

So evidently our fingernails are 50% carbon, a good part of which hails from a chimney or a tailpipe. Crazy... (Illustration by Yuko Shimizu for Nautilus.us)

So evidently our fingernails are 50% carbon, a good part of which hails from a chimney or a tailpipe. Crazy… (Illustration by Yuko Shimizu for Nautilus.us)

Evidently Google knows/keeps track of everything you do while you are logged into your Google account (hello, gmail?) Even and especially all of your searches. If this bothers you, try searching with Blippex. They actually value the concept of privacy.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Time to get your squash on.

Best, warmest, most awesome long underwear ever. Because it’s finally getting cold out there.

And speaking of the change of season, our skin is going to need a bit of TLC these days. Check out these all natural products with labels that read more like a salad bar at a spa then your typical lotion ingredient list.

Maybe after watching this TED talk about Fibonacci numbers we will all be as excited about math as Arthur Benjamin is. Too bad he wasn’t my high school math teacher…

Check out these 6 keyboard shortcuts for MAC and suddenly feel all warm and fuzzy about how cool your computer is.

We’re already recycling all sorts of stuff without even trying because, it turns out, we are all made of waste. No seriously, we are.

More links about marathons, births and split pea soup

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya

Geoffrey Mutai, in orange and blue, running (really quickly) by our apt, almost halfway to winning the 2013 NYC Marathon.

Watching the NYC Marathon has become a bit of a tradition. The course goes right by our place, so we can watch while making waffles (buttermilk waffles, to be exact) and scream ourselves hoarse without leaving the confines of our stoop. It is always really inspirational, and gives me all kinds of motivation to do all sorts of things that I may or may not ever actually get to in my lifetime.

But a girl can dream, right?

So here are a few post-marathon links that I’m hoping will give me the extra energy I need to prevail, now that it’s getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Watch May El-Khalil explain how the marathon she started in Lebanon gives a nation torn apart by war one day of unity.

In the gargantuan effort to rid myself of at least a significant portion of my excess stuff, I am reading Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston. I am a bit embarrassed to be seen with it on the subway, but the book came highly recommended, so I’m diving in. And there are lots of really useful and motivating tips in there. Maybe, just maybe I’ll make some real progress this time…

My office is slowly coming back together and I’ve just hooked up my turntable, reuniting myself with my records after what seems like a lifetime! I am happily listening to Coexist, by the XX right now. You should too.

Converse all-stars are totally not running shoes. But these Missoni Chuck Taylors sure look good…

I defrosted the freezer today and found 6 (six!) packages of frozen peas. Perhaps it is time for some split pea soup

I just heard about this crazy and mesmerizing map by Brad Lyon that records all US births and deaths in real time. Go check it out.

Monday, Monday, or the King is dead, long live a bunch of random links.

Lewis Allen Reed, 1942 - 2013. Rest in peace, fellow Pisces.

Lewis Allen Reed, 1942 – 2013, pictured here with his wife, Laurie Anderson. Rest in peace, fellow Pisces. We will miss you.

I’m having a hard time trying to imagine a world without Lou Reed in it. And yet a new day dawns, full of foolishness and beauty.

If we all actually absorbed how much Google knows about us, and what it is already doing with the data (much less what the bad guys would do with it when they get their hands on it) I think we might be out on the streets protesting instead of sitting at our desks googling “internet privacy.”

Oh my god I totally want to go to China.

Here’s an actual scientific reason why we all need sleep. Not that you really need one, but there you have it.

I saw an image of one of Canadian artist Myriam Dion’s exacto knife newspaper cutouts on girl of a certain age, which led me to an article about her on Laughing Squid, which led me to her website. Which is in french. But her work is amazing and transcends language, if you ask me. Of course, I took french in high school so I’m happy that it’s finally come in handy.

I just photographed rock star hair stylist April Barton for Jill Platner’s website. She’s a true inspiration.

And lastly, for no particular reason, a recently uncovered video of previously unreleased Star Wars bloopers. Watch it while you can.