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If at first you don’t succeed…

Trappe atlantic crossing in helium balloons

Jonathan Trappe’s attempt to cross the Atlantic, Up-style. Photo by Paul Cyr

While his attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean floating under hundreds of helium balloons came to an end before he’d even left North America, I still revere the true adventurer’s spirit of Jonathan Trappe.

I, for one, am pulling for him to try again soon.

Check out this article in the Daily Mail for some beautiful photos and a video of this great (albeit short) adventure.

On the road

On the road in Joshua Tree National Park.

On the road in Joshua Tree National Park.

It has been awhile since my last post… But I have been busily at work behind the scenes here spearheading a soup-to-nuts redesign of my entire website, which should be ready to unveil in the next week or so. This massive endeavor has all been done with the help of the sublime web gurus of Area 17, who are as good as it gets in this dept. No joke.

I’m really excited, though I have my work cut out for me these next few days, uploading all the content, resizing images, figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of (very hard for me!) etc etc.

But hopefully the result will be a better stronger faster and all around more up to date online universe where I can… gasp… Upload videos! Spell check my blog entries! (so the literary editors amongst you will no longer have to send me polite e mails regarding my typos) Put captions underneath my photos! Get you guys to like things on Facebook! And all the other stuff that we have come to assume is a part of our web browsing experience.

Maybe with this new version, I’ll even post more often. Though I make no promises.

Fingers crossed.

Oh and by the way, the above photo is from a recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, where my little family spent part of spring vacation. More on that trip to come…