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bikini kill poster

These truly punk Bikini Kill posters are on sale to help more girls learn to play music. Here’s to the next generation of riot grrls!

Kathleen Hanna (of Bikini Kill) has teamed up with VFiles to create a riot grrl mini collection (a dress, lip balm, poster… all the necessities) Proceeds go to help fund the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting empowerment by teaching girls to play music. Limited quantities, so run don’t walk.

Cool off by making this delicious watermelon mint smoothie from Well and Good.

Watch Brian Faherty (founder of the Portland, OR furniture design company Schoolhouse Electric) speak about rediscovering his analogue self in a digital world and figuring out how to have the two universes live in harmony.

Listen to President John F Kennedy’s profound speech on world peace and what it could actually mean. Today is the 50th anniversary of this address, by the way…

It’s never too early to foster your kids’ design sensibility. Check out these pint sized versions of beautifully designed chairs on

Dude, it is now legal to grow pot in Colorado.

Just some hands, reaching up, forever. From the Ace Hotel’s wonderful blog.

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