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Monday, Monday

climbing hydrangea

It’s a grey and rainy day, which isn’t so great for my mood, but look what it’s done for my hydrangea…

A friend forwarded this blog post to me. It sounded kind of lame (“Worst End Of School Year Mom Ever”) but for some reason, I started to read it. By the middle of the post, I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. For all you parents-of-school-age-kids out there, this is a must read.

Check out Apartment Therapy’s Ultimate Used Furniture Cleaning Kit, just in time for flea market season…

With all the inter-racial families out there, you’d think the days of outrage over the depiction of one such family in a Cheerios ad would be over. You’d be wrong.

Are you a millennial female? Then The Everygirl is the site for you.

An interesting story about the man who made Coney Island.

I ripped my favorite shorts while rock climbing in Joshua Tree. Are these the perfect replacement?

Thank you, oh Yolanda Edwards of Momfilter (and Martha Stewart Living, but I digress) for telling us about Fox 8 the “short story/fable/e book” by George Saunders (who wrote 10th of December about which I will go on at length in a separate post really soon) I am about to actually buy a digital book for the first time ever.

Monday, Monday


Happy Memorial Day. And while we’re on the topic of remembering things, here are some places to check out on the web…

An app to help you remember your dreams.

NPR gathers an hour’s worth of TED talks on the subject of memory, how a nimble one can improve your life, and how a faulty one can hurt others.

When I asked my husband what is his favorite memoir, he answered Goodbye To All That, by Robert Graves. Without hesitation. It’s about the worldwide loss of innocence that occurred as a result of World War I. Seems like a bit of a downer to me, but the best books often are.

Green Memory. A very short poem by Langston Hughes about war and money.

UCLA Professor Gary Small gives us a couple of tips on how to improve our memory.

There are folks leaving disposable cameras all over the world for people to find, use to record a memory or two, pass on to others, and eventually return. It’s called The Disposable Memory Project. Have you seen one of these cameras anywhere?

Why remember stuff when you can just enter it into your phone? Check out PC Magazine’s top 10 organizational apps for the iPhone.

Monday, Monday

Another Monday, another reason to spend time clicking on random links that I thought you might be interested in…

Saw the latest Star Trek movie this weekend. It wasn’t profound, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. Trailer above.

Can a person disappear in plain sight? Check out Chinese artist Liu Bolin’s TED talk. Turns out, Ralph Ellison is not the only Invisible Man.

Where there is a life-sized Barbie Dreamhouse, there is an Occupy Barbie Dreamhouse protest movement.

Cassy Coyne and Krrb show you how to upholster your own dining room chairs. Finally!

A selection of nicely designed board books for little kids that aren’t embarrassing to be seen on your coffee table. [If you get a prompt to download the "latest Flash Player" when you open this page, don't do it. It's a scam.]

Saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play in Prospect Park this past weekend. They brought the choir with them to make Sacrilege a truly transcendent experience. (You’ll need Spotify to listen to this one…)

Read Angelina’s OP-Ed piece in the NY Times about her double mastectomy (because who ever actually reads the primary source material?) and then one woman’s opinion about why it matters.

Monday, Monday

car at the dump

This photo might seem banal, but to me it represents a huge weight off. I give you my car, filled to the brim with boxes that are themselves filled to the brim with other boxes or old papers that I have finally admitted I NO LONGER NEED TO HOLD ON TO. As my sister would say, this is major. Major. I will be celebrating all week.

School fundraiser? Check.

Mother’s Day? Check.

21 boxes of useless junk cleared out of the basement, contents recycled or donated (see above photo)? Check.

Finally time to share a few links. Lest you think I’d let a week go by without them…

A hilarious online show about the world of marijuana dealers in Brooklyn called High Maintenance. This is an 8 minute video commitment, but well worth it. I laughed so hard I was worried I’d wake up the finally sleeping child…

The tzar of data visualization, Jer Thorpe, turns data into visual images we can all understand.

This is the perfect tiny garden for a tiny space.

Check out this awesome tree house outside of San Fransisco.

Watch this time lapse video of the solar eclipse last week as seen over the Australian sky. Feel free to mute the music, which I don’t think really adds much to the experience…

Spruce up an empty space with this geometric party installation you can make yourself.

A cute new (to me, anyway) Danish furniture and toy design company for kids.

Monday, Monday

self portrait

Nothing puts a smile on a mother’s face like a self portrait by her kid. At least when said kid is still little…

A few links to help you be less productive (but perhaps more web savvy?) on this hazy Monday:

Feeling ambitious? Try making these spring vegetable dumplings from the ever amazing Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen.

Gotta love a village that gets pissed when a magazine names it one of America’s “happiest seaside towns.”

See why Rita Pierson brought tears to my eyes during her TED talk imploring fellow educators to be the champion kids really need.

If The New York Times piece on guerrilla gardener Ron Finley doesn’t get you all inspired to plant a curbside vegetable garden, I don’t know what will.

Learn how to top off your Mother’s Day gift with a ribbon rosette by watching this video from One Kings Lane. It’ll look so nice, she won’t care what’s inside!

And if she has everything she needs, why not honor your mom by helping someone else’s?

Don’t want to be a downer here, but lately, I have had a lot of illness in my family. I found this essay on how to talk to a sick friend to be really really spot on. The book’s probably worth reading too.

And in conclusion, I would just like to say that this is, without a doubt, the perfect summer dress for a little girl.

Monday monday

tell him by the exciters

You just know this is going to be a great song. Just look at this cover!

Why be productive when you can check out these links instead?

A day at the zoo with The Exciters singing their 1962 hit “Tell Him” to some unsavory looking characters.

I just spent way too much time watching the President of the United States tear it up at the White House Correspondents dinner. You should too.

Kim Gordon is my hero. Check out this interview if you’re wondering why.

A beautiful post by Joanna Goddard on being the safe haven for your kids.

Wanna be a superhero? Find everything you need right here.

The new Flaming Lips record is out! Immerse yourself in the latest version of their world via this video right now.

Earth Day 2013

The Earth, as seen from Apollo 17.

Home, as seen from Apollo 17. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Happy Earth Day everybody!

I’m tied to my desk, which doesn’t feel particularly Earth Day like to me, but since I’m here, I thought I’d share a few links with those of you who are also desk bound on this lovely (if a bit chilly) spring day.

Check out Earth Day celebrations from around the world with The Washington Post.

See how much you know about the Earth — Take this New York Times quiz by the professors at the College of the Atlantic in Maine.

Or this one, from CNN.com.

Dance around to the Kinks while you watch this video and then join the Rainforest Alliance’s Village Green Preservation Society.

Resolve never to litter again after checking out this photo which shows how a discarded six pack holder effected the life of one turtle.

Be inspired by this call to action for more women leaders in the environmental movement.

Revel in UK artist Anna Garforth’s moss installations and then learn how to make your own.

Feel free to share other great Earth Day related links in the comments. I’d much rather check these out than do all the other stuff I’m supposed to be getting done…