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Monday, monday (on a rainy Tuesday)

my reality

My current reality. Right now. As I type.

We’re finally back home where we belong, and my daughter is enjoying a week at one of her favorite places in the world, the Waldorf-inspired summer camp where she learns how to build fires, grow veggies, climb trees, knit, create puppet shows and spend time outdoors rain or shine. She is in heaven.

I, on the other hand, am sitting in front of this computer.

In honor of how jealous I am of my daughter’s digital free mornings (this rainy afternoon will most certainly involve a movie, alas) I give you a few technology related things to ponder…

A town without wifi or cell phones…

Turns out posting too many photos of yourself on facebook may very well signify a trouble with having relationships in the real world. No kidding.

A digital potty

The new Spike Jonze movie (coming out in November) is all about a guy who falls in love with his operating system. The trailer made me cry, because it is so convincing.

Wearable technology is fast becoming the new normal. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Maybe it’s not all that bad… Jeff Hancock makes a really good case that the permanence of the information you put out into the web might actually keep us more honest.

But then again, if digital technology is supposedly so great, why are all these silicon valley geeks sending their kids to a screen-free Waldorf School?

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