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Monday, monday (on Wednesday)

off the coast of Mumbai

In honor of this week’s travel theme, here a shot taken from a boat off the coast of Mumbai in February of last year. Where it was really hot. Unlike how it is right now in San Francisco…

The most beautiful travel backgammon set you will ever lay eyes on.

Cats and dogs mark new territory by spraying. I prefer a different sort of aromatherapy to make myself feel at home in a new place.

If only this jacket had been available before we took off to San Francisco, I would have owned it, and been comfortable (instead of slightly chilly, which has been my constant state for the past 5 weeks)

Why stay in a hotel when you can sleep in a treehouse?

This is my favorite travel blog. I want to do everything they do.

The internet where I’m staying right now is horrible, but after I read about Hasan Elahi’s TED talk on what he did after being accidentally put on an FBI watch list, I patiently endured the 30 minute download time in order to watch it. And it was worth every second.

Commuters are travelers, too. Now more than ever, Americans are driving solo to work. And NPR has the graphs to prove it. Evidently we didn’t get the memo on climate change.

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