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Sometimes the greatest books can pop up when you least expect them…

I saw this sitting on the shelf at the public library and picked it up because it looked interesting, for obvious reaosns. The various chapters are comprised of 44 essays, speeches and drawings called things like “Starting the Journey,” “Gender, Sex and Sexuality,” “Relationships” and “Go Your Own Way,” and they address the incredibly diverse and ever changing world that makes up what we call feminism today. It’s a great introduction to this complex “ism” that so many people have invested so much energy into squelching for various reasons. You get playlists of feminist songs to sing along to by Kody Keplinger, graphic stories about the princess within by Wendy XU, and all sorts of essays about body positivity, intersectionality, gender identity, the history of feminist theory and more, by a wide array of thoughtful women and men who eat, sleep, and breathe these issues all the time.

It’s crucial to keep up with current events but it is also so important to step back and try to understand the broader picture of where we are coming from. And to read beautifully written, thoughtful and inspirational words written by badasses like these is as essential as sleep and water.

Click this link to buy or look for it at your local library: Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World