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Monday, Monday

Japanese briadal clones

A mini-me for the Japanese bride. Photo © Danny Choo

A few links to help usher you all into this long holiday weekend…

It continues to be wedding season, so if you’re still trying to figure out what to get the bride who has everything, consider a clone. It’s all the rage in Japan.

And speaking of marriage, the Gay Pride parade in NY yesterday had a little something extra to celebrate, thanks to the Supreme Court. As did these guys.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but after I watched this video showing us all how to fold a short sleeved shirt in just 2 seconds, I found myself rummaging through my drawer for a tee shirt to practice with. It really works. Amazing.

No seriously, there really is going to be a second avenue subway. Check out these mind blowing photos and see how it’s going.

A brilliant summer activity for the kids from the folks at Momfilter. (More of these, please…!)

Oh right… July 4th is this Thursday! Get patriotic at the grill with this star spangled spatula.

And speaking of holiday picnics, will somebody please make this peach/pecan crumble and tell me how it tastes?

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