Brooke Williams

Me, my phone and a rental car on a recent visit to Joshua Tree.

My name is Brooke Williams and I live in Brooklyn, NY, which is just across the river from where I grew up. When I was a kid, I would chronicle events that were upsetting/significant to me on paper and then write “THIS IS AUTHENTIC” in all caps on the bottom before signing them. I guess I have always been interested in documenting my reality. Or maybe I secretly wanted to be a lawyer.

I never did go to law school, much to my father’s dismay. Instead I pursued a multi pronged career path: as a photographer shooting for magazines like Vanity Fair and New York as well as for gallery shows, as a musician playing and composing in my own groups as well with other bands like Beastie Boys and Sybarite, as an editor at the original iteration of Domino Magazine, as a writer for all sorts of blogs, magazines and websites, as a DJ (because I never got rid of my old LP’s) and then, overshadowing all others, as mother to a force of nature in the form of a little girl.

And still it goes on, with each day bringing a new adventure. If you want more information, I share thoughts about parenting on Momfilter, my desire to have more reflexology on Jill Platner, and my secrets to a happy marriage on A Cup of Jo. Or just noodle around this site and I’m sure you’ll have more than enough!

Contact me: info@thisisauthentic.com

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