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summer reading flowchart from flavorwire

Just a little chart to get your reading ideas flowing. Courtesy of the good folks at Flavorwire, my favorite listmakers.

Reading is fundamental, and there’s no better time than the summer to catch up on a book or two. (Or so they say… my summer has felt busier than the rest of the year, but I digress) Herewith, a few links related to this most elemental of activities.

First off, Annie Murphy Paul asks: Are readers an endangered species?

Here’s the Flavorwire summer reading flowchart in it’s entirety, with the accompanying article. Sure, it’s from last summer, but books never expire.

Check out A Cup Of Jo’s Joanna Goddard’s favorite bedtime stories for her kids (cause now she has two!)

Chip Kidd is one of the world’s premiere book designers. He’s also hilarious. Here’s his TED talk about why designing books is no laughing matter. Oh no wait…

Can’t go wrong with a critics’ favorites book list from NPR.

Anorak is my favorite kids magazine.

My daughter and I participated in The Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project (feel free to read my earlier post for details) and the tour is on. Check their site to see when the books are going to show up in your town. And then go see them! (you can see my sketchbook online via the digital library, too… but it’s less rewarding)

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