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Earth Day 2013

The Earth, as seen from Apollo 17.

Home, as seen from Apollo 17. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Happy Earth Day everybody!

I’m tied to my desk, which doesn’t feel particularly Earth Day like to me, but since I’m here, I thought I’d share a few links with those of you who are also desk bound on this lovely (if a bit chilly) spring day.

Check out Earth Day celebrations from around the world with The Washington Post.

See how much you know about the Earth — Take this New York Times quiz by the professors at the College of the Atlantic in Maine.

Or this one, from

Dance around to the Kinks while you watch this video and then join the Rainforest Alliance’s Village Green Preservation Society.

Resolve never to litter again after checking out this photo which shows how a discarded six pack holder effected the life of one turtle.

Be inspired by this call to action for more women leaders in the environmental movement.

Revel in UK artist Anna Garforth’s moss installations and then learn how to make your own.

Feel free to share other great Earth Day related links in the comments. I’d much rather check these out than do all the other stuff I’m supposed to be getting done…

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