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Happy Memorial Day. And while we’re on the topic of remembering things, here are some places to check out on the web…

An app to help you remember your dreams.

NPR gathers an hour’s worth of TED talks on the subject of memory, how a nimble one can improve your life, and how a faulty one can hurt others.

When I asked my husband what is his favorite memoir, he answered Goodbye To All That, by Robert Graves. Without hesitation. It’s about the worldwide loss of innocence that occurred as a result of World War I. Seems like a bit of a downer to me, but the best books often are.

Green Memory. A very short poem by Langston Hughes about war and money.

UCLA Professor Gary Small gives us a couple of tips on how to improve our memory.

There are folks leaving disposable cameras all over the world for people to find, use to record a memory or two, pass on to others, and eventually return. It’s called The Disposable Memory Project. Have you seen one of these cameras anywhere?

Why remember stuff when you can just enter it into your phone? Check out PC Magazine’s top 10 organizational apps for the iPhone.

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