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More links about marathons, births and split pea soup

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya

Geoffrey Mutai, in orange and blue, running (really quickly) by our apt, almost halfway to winning the 2013 NYC Marathon.

Watching the NYC Marathon has become a bit of a tradition. The course goes right by our place, so we can watch while making waffles (buttermilk waffles, to be exact) and scream ourselves hoarse without leaving the confines of our stoop. It is always really inspirational, and gives me all kinds of motivation to do all sorts of things that I may or may not ever actually get to in my lifetime.

But a girl can dream, right?

So here are a few post-marathon links that I’m hoping will give me the extra energy I need to prevail, now that it’s getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Watch May El-Khalil explain how the marathon she started in Lebanon gives a nation torn apart by war one day of unity.

In the gargantuan effort to rid myself of at least a significant portion of my excess stuff, I am reading Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston. I am a bit embarrassed to be seen with it on the subway, but the book came highly recommended, so I’m diving in. And there are lots of really useful and motivating tips in there. Maybe, just maybe I’ll make some real progress this time…

My office is slowly coming back together and I’ve just hooked up my turntable, reuniting myself with my records after what seems like a lifetime! I am happily listening to Coexist, by the XX right now. You should too.

Converse all-stars are totally not running shoes. But these Missoni Chuck Taylors sure look good…

I defrosted the freezer today and found 6 (six!) packages of frozen peas. Perhaps it is time for some split pea soup

I just heard about this crazy and mesmerizing map by Brad Lyon that records all US births and deaths in real time. Go check it out.

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