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Monday, Monday – or more links about holiday gifts, inspiring world leaders and annoying phrases.

The Year without a Santa Claus
was one of my all time favorite holiday specials from back in the day when you had to wait all year just to get to see them on TV. And Mother Nature’s two wacky sons really stole the show.

While working on my own gift guides, I’ve come across a few others that I really like… so in the generous spirit of the holidays (and the blogosphere in general) I suggest you also check out A Cup of Jo, I Want To Be Her, and Cool Hunting for some great suggestions.

Oh and if you want to be really cool and give something local and/or handmade and/or secondhand you should check out what the good people at Krrb have suggested in their holiday gift guide.

The New York Times honors the incredible life of the late Nelson Mandela with a stunning series of images.

I saw a link to My Kid’s Insane Christmas Wish List on A Cup of Jo and clicked on it right away because I know JoAnna Goddard and was curious how her toddler could already be making insane requests. It’s not her son’s list, thank goodness. But it’s a funny read nonetheless.

Which word (or phrase) do you think should be banished for all eternity? Time magazine is doing a poll to find out.

A purse that charges your smartphone. Yep. You heard it here first.

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