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Time to get outside…

This is the time of year when all thoughts turn outside… and rather than spend all of my energy worrying about ticks and how to keep those little buggers away from me and my clan, I choose to think about the earth and what kind of tools I might need in order to form a more perfect garden. Some people may say I am thinking about shopping, but I say whatever to those spoilers.

Here are a few of the things I’m thinking need to be making their way into my backyard sooner than later:


There is no such thing as gardening without digging. Landscaper’s Ultra light shovel, $98


So I’m reading this article about the 10 absolutely essential garden tools I’m going to need to survive and a garden wand is at the top of the list. Who knew I needed more than the simple nozzle I’ve had for years? Haws Brass Watering Lance, $80.

japanese garden pruners

Not sure why the Japanese hold the title for most bad ass pruning knives and clippers, but they do. Handmade Japanese Garden Pruners, $119.

edison string lights

You can’t really party in the garden if you can’t see anything, can you? Edison String Lights, $40.

wind chimes

Because sometimes the wind really is the best stereo. Porcelain Wind Chimes, $46.

marshmallow skewers

It is as beautiful to eat a smore by a raging bonfire on the beach as it is to pop one into your mouth by the fireside in the dead of winter. So why not upgrade the skewers? Marshmallow Skewers, set of 4. $24.


Birds need lovely summer cottages, too. Fieldstone Hanging Bird Shelter, $95.

gardening boots

Some people might call these rain boots, but I know the perfect gardening boot when I see it… Ilse Jacobson Laced Rain Boot, $168.

mier lamp

Taking the flashlight to a whole new level. M Lamp by Juniper Design and David Irwin, $220.

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