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for the tactile kitchen (gift guide #6)

I was doing some reaserch online and I came across one of my all-timeĀ  favorite neighborhood stores: Brook Farm General Store. It’s the kind of place that it behooves me to think of when stuck on a rush hour subway car trying to remember why it is I live in this god forsaken city.

The store is nearly perfect. And if you have any friends who love to cook, or bathe, or garden, or have kids, this is the place to go to get them something for the holidays. Or any day, really. Even if they are the really really particular spend-their-summers-in-Provence-send-their-kids-to-waldorf-school types.

Because chances are, unless they live nearby, they don’t have porcelain measuring spoons. Or this perfect small enamel pot for heating up milk or hot cider on a chilly afternoon. But how much do you want to bet they’d freak when they saw them?

You can get these tings (and TONS more) on their website or, better yet, stroll over to the southside (they are at 75 S 6th street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and check out the place for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

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