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Where to buy a better version of everything for your garden

tools from the garden edit

A trowel and a bulb planter. But not just any trowel and bulb planter, no! These are BEAUTIFUL PERFECT tools that will of course yield far superior plants… and eternal happiness, too. (All photos courtesy The Garden Edit)

You know it’s bad when you get an e mail from your husband in which the subject reads “hide your credit card before you open this e mail” (like I sit around with my Amex on my lap or something… but I digress.) Because it turns out, this was very good advice which I am desperately trying to heed by writing about the website he linked to in the aforementioned message, rather than buying things from it.

The site is called The Garden Edit, and it is pure evil because it basically sells a more beautiful version of every garden tool you already have. And some thoughtfully designed books, and some meticulously handmade vases, and some original artwork, and an art journal/magazine all about plants, etc etc. It is based out of England, which may deter some, though it seems they are happy to ship most of the items worldwide. (So much for that excuse.) And the dollar is looking good these days, so now is the time to strike.

Just don’t tell your bank account it was my fault…

vases by Dana Bechert

And will you just look at these vases by Dana Bechert? I mean, who doesn’t want all of these?

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