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Gifts for the people in your life who are really into cooking, eating and just being around nice food

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Photo by James Ransom

Because you want to keep your bread, veggies, pasta etc fresh but you are trying oh so hard to stay away from plastic. And also because you want the inside of your fridge to look all cute and full of striped bundles and whatnot. Bee’s Wrap (set of 3 sizes) $24.


Because we all need a place to store our knives, but most of us don’t have a magnetic knife rack made of wood, now, do we? Cherry Magnetic knife rack, $45.

Photo courtesy of Gather Journal.

Photo courtesy of Gather Journal.

Because what part of a book called Chicken Makes the Ice Cream Taste Better (written by Harlem middle schoolers about their experiences with food and the Edible Schoolyard Program) don’t you want to read? At, $15.

Photo courtesy of potterandwoodsworth.

Photo courtesy of potterandwoodsworth.

Because… well… just because these plates are really nice and will make your table feel special without being all precious and overly formal, if you know what I mean. White Lace Dinner Plates by potterandwoodsmith on Etsy, $18.

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Photo by Rocky Luten and Alpha Smoot for

Because it’s rugged (waxed cotton) and grey (the new black) and long (because we’re messy) and will last forever (which is always a good thing). Grey waxed canvas apron, $150.

Photo courtesy of The Brooklyn Larder.

Photo courtesy of The Brooklyn Larder.

Because it’s like a book of the month club, but for cheese. But even more useful than literature because now, when folks just show up all unexpected like, you will actually have something to serve them. Brooklyn Larder Monthly Cheese Club, from $199.

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