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Gift Guide, Chapter 3: Things to give to the people you know who are really into food

food dice

Give them an answer to the ever nagging question: “What’s for dinner tonight?” With a simple roll of the dice. ($20)

harvest calender

A harvest calendar. So they always know what’s in season. ($18 on Etsy)

hudson valley seed packs

And for the know-it-all who already has the seasonal situation in the bag, how about challenging them to grow their own from seeds? Choose all herb or all veggie or go for broke and get all ten packs and really prod them to start their own farm for real. ($19 or $36)

brooklyn larder gift box

A customized gift box from the ever fabulous Brooklyn Larder will always go over well. (prices vary)

mouth gift box

Or, while we’re on the topic of gift boxes, there’s always the sumptuous 12 Days Of Christmas basket o’ sweets ($100) from Mouth. (Also a Brooklyn based company, so don’t worry, we’re still on trend. Just a few minutes north of the aforementioned Brooklyn Larder, should you be in the mood for a tour.)


This tawashi scrubber may fall into the too-mundane-for-a-gift category, but it’s from Japan, for crying out loud. I, for one, would be thrilled to get another one of these, as mine is beginning to wear our after over a year of heavy use. ($8)

spoonbread and Strawberry wine

I know I just wrote about this, but I’ll say it again. If you know anybody who is into cooking soul food, you should get them this book by Norma and Carole Darden. It’s out of print, but easy to find, so you get brownie points for delivering an obscure gift without having to do much legwork.

chef pencils

Always good to have a set of pencils in the kitchen. ($10)

r murphy knives

Probably the most essential tool in any chef’s roster is a knife. These R Murphy limited edition kitchen knives were made exclusively for Whisper Editions with maple handles hand fashioned from reclaimed homes in Ohio. They will last a lifetime. (starts at $125)

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