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More food in East Williamsburg

Campbell Cheese and grocery

Campbell Cheese & Grocery serving up deliciousness from the corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer in Williamsburg.

The other day I took the car to our beloved mechanic for a tune up. It’s about a 15 minute walk back to our apartment, so after I left The Black Widow at the doctor (our car has a name, doesn’t yours?) I headed up Metropolitan Ave towards my neck of the woods. And lo, what did I see across the street, in what I had previously considered a bit of a neighborhood dead zone, but a beautiful little grocery store just beckoning for me to enter.

campbells cheese and grocery

Which I did, of course. And I was not disappointed.

It was pretty cold (not in the single digits, mind you, but still sub-freezing) so my cup of oatmeal, which they sweeten with sorghum butter* and mix with nuts and raisins, really hit the spot. And while I waited for them to prepare it, I got to walk around wishing that I needed all of the things I saw on the shelves.

*Sorghum butter is a traditional southern sweetener made with sorghum syrup.

various beers and lagers

Like these mystery beers, each one looking more obscure and delicious than the last one.

campbells cheese and grocery

Or maybe some salami?

campbells cheese and grocery

Does a person ever really feel complete without their own little picnic knife to carry with them everywhere? Except maybe on an airplane, but I digress…

pickels at campbells cheese and grocery

I don’t even like pickles, but I thought about buying some of these for my husband and daughter, who are huge fans.

This is all good for my car, as I will now be much more motivated to take her in for a once over if I know I get to stop by Campbell’s on the way home. And if you find yourselves in the vicinity of the Metropolitan/Lorimer stop of the L or G trains do please surface and head straight over to this spot, and buy yourselves all sorts of deliciousness to take back to your native Manhattan, or wherever your final destination may be.

Campbell’s Cheese & Grocery
302 Lorimer St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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