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Monday, Monday, or looking on the bright side.

ceiling has fallen in

Look what I found this morning when I turned on the lights in my office!

The long (lovely, but still long) summer vacation is finally over. School has started again, hallelujah. Routines have settled back into play. All is good with the world.

Oh no wait…

When we woke up on Saturday morning, we discovered that our tenants (we rented our place while we were in San Francisco this summer) left us a little goodbye gift. In the form of fleas. So much for renting to people with dogs ever again. Sorry dog lovers.

So instead of a relaxing weekend getting settled back into our place after being away for so long, we went on full offensive to get rid of the fleas. Plus we called the pros, who will be taking the fight to the next level over the next few days.

Then, this morning, I turned on the light in my office only to discover that a good part of the ceiling has fallen in. Yep. So fun. A good part of today, therefore, will be spent clearing rubble, relocating my piles of belongings, and cleaning. I did a little research and found this article full of good dusting tips.

But I must maintain a positive attitude. I must. No matter how much I want to cry, or how covered with dust my record collection is at this moment. According to the Huffington Post, my good attitude may even reduce my chances of heart problems. (Though there are times when I wonder if it might not just be easier to have a heart attack and get it all over with quickly.)

So now I will look at things that make me feel good about the world…

Like Tess Giberson’s new collection for Spring 2014.

Pretty much any post on the Ace Hotel’s blog. I mean, it’s called Everything Will Be OK, for crying out loud.

Making yummy pink lemonade popsicles.

Just the fact that Stripes exists is proof that the world isn’t all bad…

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  1. Maggie

    my friend emailed this to me with an email subject “you’re not the only one” because i think i was less zen about coming home to fleas than you were.

    not only did i have fleas–my favorite sculpture was broken, my bed was broken, and my window was also…broken.

    the best part was that the subletters said they had nothing to do with any of the stuff that was broken or the fleas (they brought a dog in too)

    i spent labor day weekend killing fleas, bombing my house, washing everything (8 loads of laundry) and missing every pool party and bbq i had wanted to go to. i screamed and complained. but eventually it was over. no more fleas. saged the house. burned some nice smelling candles. cooked some food. i promise it gets back to normal!!

  2. Brooke Williams Admin

    Ugh Maggie what a drag! So sorry you had to go through what sounds like a much worse situation. I will remember to sage the place once my uninvited guests are all gone… That’s a great idea. Glad all is finally back to normal…

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