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Still no link functionality on this thing, (plus the date and time are completely off (it’s actually 10:30 pm on Nov 1) but I couldn’t resist posting this photo of me (in the red sweatshirt) screaming my brains out cheering for the front running men in the 2009 NYC Marathon. And in this shot (taken by my husband, who I now owe all sorts of favors) we are cheering on Meb Keflizighi (white shirt, grey hat) who went on the win the marathon in 2 hours, 19 1/4 seconds. Incredible. I mean, what do I get done in 2 hours these days?

more below:

Plus he’s the first American to win this race since 1982, when the rest of us were all trying into Studio 54 with our fake ID’s. Which is a hell of a long time ago. Rock on Meb!

But what really got me was this evening, around six o’clock, seeing an upper middle aged woman with two crutches, an official marathon number pinned to her coat, and a guardian angel walking with her, moving at a slow but steady pace up Bedford Avenue. I asked her if she was walking the marathon and when she replied yes, I clapped for her and told her she was amazing and that she was almost half way home. It was all I could do not to burst into tears, she was so incredible.

That is what makes this day such a moving one. One person practially runs faster than the speed of sound and another crosses seeminly insurmountable obstacles. Both are truly inspirational. Sometimes I feel so lucky to be a witness to it all…

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