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Guilt free screen time

chalk_laptopWe are a family that spends a very limited amount of time watching TV or movies or playing games on our smart phones. We don’t have a television, much to the chagrin of all of our parents, though we manage to survive without falling into an abyss of complete ignorance.

I’m also not a big believer in giving your little kids their own phones or computers, because I think they can learn more from a cardboard box, tape, crayons and some friends than an iPhone app. Until I laid eyes on this computer/chalkboard by iWood, which is brilliant.

Because it’s a computer, just like the one Mommy and Daddy are always looking at. And it’s better because you’re totally allowed to draw all over it and no one will get mad. Plus it never needs to recharge.

If only this were the kind of laptop I needed to carry around…

They make a phone, too, which is equally cute, if a bit too small to be effective to do much drawing on.

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