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guilt free xmas trees

When it comes to Christmas trees, I am a traditionalist. Try as I might to be enthusiastic about little trees in a pot (that I can replant in some forest someplace at some point) or a cool all white kitchy fake tree (landfill fodder, anyone?) I still find myself pulled towards a nice big 7 foot live tree that I stick in some water and load up with as many lights and decorations as I can deal with.

And now that there is a next-generation in my immediate family, we’re even more into it.

But now all those people who look down their noses at us trad tree users can just be quiet. Because NYC Dept of Sanitation is picking up trees curbside and mulching them. The mulch is then used to help take care of the city’s parks and trees. Just put your unadorned tree on the street before January 14th and you’re good.

Or, if you want a piece of the action, this weekend (Jan 7 and 8) is Mulchfest, where, in many parks around the city, you can take your tree, watch skilled professionals run it through a crazy mulching machine, and then walk away with a bag of your own mulch. The Parks Dept keeps the rest.

So let this be my holiday gift to you. A future of live Christmas trees with no guilt attached! See you at Mulchfest…

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