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Stripped down cell phone

John's phone.

A little guy putting a SIM card into the lowest of fi mobile phones out there. Photo courtesy of

My friend Bibb has decided that she paid far too much attention to her phone… texting, taking pictures, going online… all at the expense of being present with her family, herself and life in general.

And unlike most of us, who just shake our heads and mutter things like “well, that’s just the way the world is now” and other nonsense, she decided to actually do something about it. She is my hero.

She got rid of her old smart phone, and bought a John’s phone, a totally bare bones cell phone (from Holland of course.) Now her only method of communicating (when she’s out of the house) is actually calling somebody and… gasp… talking to them. Directly.

black business john's phone

The all black “business” version. Photo courtesy of engadget.

How does she keep track of her contacts, you might ask? The phone comes with an address book, made of actual paper, tucked into the back, and a little pen to write with. Brilliant. And when the battery dies, or you drop the phone, your contacts don’t vanish into thin air. By the way, the battery on this phone lasts for months, making it the perfect choice for wilderness travel, for example…

If you are truly brave, and willing to walk away from the ability to text your life away and check your horoscope on the go (and entertain your small child during traffic jams, but that’s a whole different subject) you should go out and buy one of these phones now. The rest of us will just keep getting into car accidents and taking photos of our food in restaurants.

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