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Thank you, to everybody…

street art brooklyn

Spotted on the wall in Williamsburg a few weeks ago…

First off, let us all remember that the true Thanksgiving story is one of rape, enslavement and massacre of our native people. We must acknowledge this truth first, so that we can begin to heal as a nation and move forward together.

But we must all remember that life is full of contradictions. On the one hand, today is a Thanksgiving like no other. But there are certain things that remain constant. While there is so much suffering in this world and so many injustices and so much sadness, there are also so many things to be thankful for and so many reasons to get up in the morning and keep moving forward. I am watching my husband and daughter bicker as they make a mango pie (thanks NY Times) and I am overcome with gratitude for them both, in all of their excellent stubbornness.

And the other night, while texting to GOTV for the Georgia Senate runoff race, I got this incredible reply when I reached out on behalf go the Working Families Party:

“BTW we’re white suburbanite retired people in Roswell, a suburb of Atlanta. Worked all our lives to better our families. Not rich but have our hard earned savings and our children. We pay attention. We use our brains and reason. We support. We vote. Count on us and thank you again… So very much! Crazy times but we will prevail. You’re a hero of our times.

“Also.. Getting too wordy here.. Please ignore the bigots and haters. Carry on with your ideals. People with any sense will be with you and yours. Trump and followers are an aberration, a cancer and not necessarily a sign of what’s to come. I fully believe we can change this”

It is people like this, total strangers, who help me to remember why we are all in this. Why America is, actually, a profound place to be and why this great experiment is worth fighting for.

So this year, I am especially thankful for all of my various communities, the man I parent with, the kid I laugh with, the family I grew up with, the reSisters I sing with, the activists I fight alongside, the friends that help me feel connected, and all the strangers I have shared a moment with during this crazy year. May this beautiful network continue to strengthen.

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