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Monday, Monday… the Election Day edition


I found this beautiful artwork on Instagram and it’s by @eejart

Ok so we are finally here. Election Day 2018. The mid-terms. The day when we are able to really make our voices heard about how we feel things have been going these past two years. As I’m sure you’ve heard about a thousand times, this is the most important election in most of our lifetimes. So don’t let rain or a fuzziness on the issues hold you back. Here are a few links to help you out as you make your way to the polls…

First off, you can watch this video that explains why it is SO IMPORTANT that you vote.

Avoid surprises! VoteSaveAmerica has a great voter guide where you type in your address and they give you a preview of our ballot so you know what you’re getting into today.

WNYC and the New York Times and Curbed also have good voter guides that are worth checking out.

For all you NYC voters, I found this great explanation of the 3 ballot questions on a friend’s private Instagram feed, so I reposted it for any and all to see. Don’t forget to flip the ballot!!

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