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Monday, Monday– or more links about Halloween aftermath, elections and cooking with kids…

silver witch

This is my favorite photo of this year’s Halloween costume largely because you can’t see any of the cockamamie hand sewn seams.

Allah Akbar, Halloween is over. And in an effort to somehow counter all of the high fructose corn syrup that my daughter has ingested in the past 48 hours, I’m thinking of making Melissa Clark’s shiitake/tofu stir fry from the New York Times. It’s about as far away from Skittles as a person can get and still be potentially appetizing.

I would also like to declare that this will be the last year that I sew my daughter’s costume together by hand. Despite my new handy dandy needle threader, this year’s silver witch dress and cape almost sent me over the brink. I am currently considering sewing machines and am pining over the Bernina classic mechanical (ie totally analogue) models… Swiss precision at it’s best.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, please please take a minute to read Lena Dunham’s brilliant and hysterical piece about a lifetime of failed costumes. I laughed so hard I cried (and I was on the subway, reading on my phone, which is not an atmosphere conducive to such public displays…) After you read it you should subscribe to Lenny, which is a bi-weekly newsletter I actually look forward to receiving.

You may not be focused on it, but tomorrow is Election Day in NYC. There are a few important races out there for some districts… find out if you live in one of them (and who is running for what positions) by checking out the NYC Voter Guide and entering your address. Not that any of you guys have put this off till the last minute, of course, but just in case…

Probably the reason we have all but forgotten about tomorrow’s races centers around the fact that the entire country has been obsessed with the battle for the presidency, despite the fact that we don’t vote till next year. I have largely boycotted the whole thing until now (having to hear the words front runner applied to Donald Trump is almost more than I can bear), but am now beginning to pay attention. This 2016 US Presidential Race cheat sheet from the Atlantic has been a perfect place to start.

Oooooh… a chic (ie: black) french press coffee maker. Because black is the new black.

Or maybe, teaching your kids to cook is the new black… one can never be too sure. Check out what James Beard winning chef Hugh Acheson has to say on the subject and decide for yourself.

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