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Monday, Monday… or a few links about getting ready for summer (despite this morning’s near freezing temps!)

maine summer picnic

This was one of the best days we had last summer… picnicking with friends on a tiny island in Maine…

First up, the change of seaons is the perfect time to get that closet under control. For inspiration and guidance, check out Apartment Therapy’s Spring Closet Cure.

After the closet comes the bank account… Refinery 29 helps us get it together (and save $500!) with this 30 day money challenge.

Uh oh… the kids are about to be on summer vacation aka back in your world full time. Fun! Keep them busy and away from those playstations with the help of these 25 best kid art supplies (according to The Artful Parent).

Bathing suit season is only a few weeks away! As we are all strapped for time, might I point our attention to this 7 minute workout that I am hoping will do the trick.

Rather than go on a 2 week long juice fast, my new thing is to do one day of cleansing per week. Which is easy if you’re getting your juices, etc from Brownie at the Shanti Shack in Williamsburg.

It’s time to get planting (if you haven’t already!) Check out these ideas for how to turn a tiny urban-style outdoor space into a miniature paradise…

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