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Monday, Monday– or more links to inspire some end-of-summer fun

summer is almost over

The summer season is slowly coming to an end… Soon all we’ll have left is some warm memories and a few shells. Here are a few links to help inspire a little late summer enjoyment.

Get some inspiration for your end-of-summer vacation shots by checking out these 18 great photography blogs.

The first frame by frame embroidered music video doesn’t really relate to any kind of late summer activity, but it’s pretty damned cool.

Check out these incredible treehouses and let me know which one you want to live in.

Take this quiz to see if you are addicted to your smart phone. And then maybe put it down for a minute or two…

Make yourself some of this delicious watermelon gazpacho.

Go splash around in a in a swimming hole… check out this handy guide to find a lovely place to take a dip nearby.

Keep the feeling of summer on your lips by making up a batch of this DIY lemonade lip balm.

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