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Monday, Monday– or more links about family road trips and eating your veggies…

my first car

My first car was a Plymouth Valiant…

Check out these 5 short Pixar films that inspired the making of the short Lava (now showing in theaters before you watch Inside Out.)

Does the world get taken over by computers because of their super-intelligence or does it get destroyed because of the machines’ stupidity?

Here are 10 hilarious games to play in the car with your family while you drive to Niagra Falls, or Maine, or Bozeman, Montana, or wherever you’re headed… (Thanks, Joanna Goddard, for this tip)

And if those aren’t enough, try singing some of these tunes from the Catchiest Songs Of All Time list and then see which one sticks in your head the longest.

It’s summer, which means we’ll be (hopefully!) spending lots of weekends at other people’s exotic getaways. Which also means it’s hostess gift season. I’m thinking about changing it up this year and giving these homemade bath bombs? If I can get it together to make them that is…

There are so many awesome vegetables flooding the farmers market these days… Lucky Peach has a whole chart (they call it The Contorni Matrix) that details a few new ways to serve them up.

And last but not least, f you’re going to go leopard print with your bathing suit this season, I think this is the way to go.

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