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Monday, Monday – or more links about eating better in 2014

Because we’ve got to start self improving someplace, and it may as well involve food, since we’re all already eating. Can’t say the same for going to the gym, but I digress…

oversized hamburger

This would be the exact opposite of the kind of food I am planning on surrounding myself (and my family) with in 2014. Not that I don’t like a burger, but…

If you want to make killer, nutritious, brain enhancing smoothies with little apparent effort, just keep some of these foods on your shelves at all times.

Oh and to get the ball rolling, here’s a recipe for a cleansing green (but still sweet) smoothie.

Ramen is the grandma’s-chicken-soup of today. Here’s a list of great NYC spots where you can indulge in a little warm deliciousness this winter.

And while we’re on the topic of healthy-and-delicious soup, what about this delicious looking parmesan broth with kale and white beans?

So I’ve pointed you in the direction of 2 different recipes. How do you know they’re going to succeed? Dinner A Love Story has the answer.

Everybody’s talking about the benefits of fermentation, while I just nod my head and look vaguely around thinking of sauerkraut. Then I read this piece on NPR and it all became clear.

Don’t forget that our skin actually ingests things more directly than our mouths do, so soaps, lotions, etc are also really important to consider. Especially for our kids. This post on Apartment Therapy has surprisingly informative and helpful comments with lot of great product suggestions.

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  1. ellen

    This is incredibly informative and helpful – and genuinely tasty. I am in for a healthy 2014….When is the next installment?