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Another thing I really don’t need but totally want, regardless

Hand turned glass jars by Boston Bottle. On Food52. Photo by Bobbi Lin

Hand turned glass jars by Boston Bottle. Available at Photo by Bobbi Lin

Actually, I do sort of need these glass containers because I am slowly trying to wean myself of any plastic storage for my food. And those ubiquitous mason jars can only take a person so far. That said, there is no gun bearing down on my head forcing me to buy these particular jars. But man are they lovely. And they would look so nice on my kitchen shelves. I might even be more motivated to soak and cook the growing collection of dried beans I am amassing… if only they were stored with the dignity these Boston Bottle hand turned jars afford.

Or maybe I’m just kidding myself.

Whatever. I’m sure I’ll cave within the next month and buy one or two.

At least I know myself.

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