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A better bottle

lifefactory water bottle

The newest addition to the stuff-I-always-carry-in-my-bag club.

I first laid eyes on these glass water bottles in my friend Nancy’s well stocked tote bag. Nancy is one of those women-who-I-am-always-copying. Everyone needs one in their life. She always has the baby blanket that folds up all tiny whlist still being totally warm, the all-natural sunscreen that doesn’t go on like wet chalk, the perfect summer sandals, the coolest kids books… I could go on, but I won’t, because then you will all just go off and befriend her and have no need for this or any other blog for that matter.

But the credit for actually purchasing the fabulous Lifefactory water bottle goes entirely to my daughter, who saw one in a store a couple of weeks ago and insisted we buy one immediately.

And she was right. Not only for the obvious reason that water out of a glass bottle just tastes way better, but the surrounding silicone sleeves are medical grade and BPA-free, so that a) you don’t have to get all worried about horrible poisons seeping into your kid’s body and b) when the glass bottle you just bought gets dropped (which is inevitable) it doesn’t break. Simple, yet oh so important. Plus the colors are lovely and Disney character free. Which may very well be the best part, as far as I’m concerned.

Oh and they come in adult sizes too, should you decide to really go for it.

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