This is authentic - "

Another thing I really don’t need but toally want, regardless

butter box

This item comes from a land where people get big hunks of butter from farms and put them in boxes like this one that they leave unrefrigerated on the counter, not at all worried about the butter going bad. These people are secure in the knowledge that their food is good.

I would like to live in this land.

But from the looks of this website, I should probably be moving to Denmark, which isn’t happening any time soon.

This does not stop me from admiring this butter box from afar, however. Or any of the other lovely things in the Helkak webstore…

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  1. Marie

    Love them, I have a very similar one in my fridge. But as a resident of Denmark, I’m affraid I must disappoint you: this has little to do with the quality of the food, and more to do with locals being so design conscious (… Snob?) that they cannot tolerate a an ugly pack of butter, wrapped in foil, on their kitchen counter. So we unpack it and put it in the box :)