This is authentic - "

the greatest thing ever

Now there are plenty of things that could qualify for this particular title, and I am sure that I will be using similar headers for more than this particular post, but when I opened up this page on the Haus Interior website, I actually said those words out loud to myself. So there you have it.

Here they are, what you have always wanted. If you are like me, anyway. An old fashioned calling card that you can just pass over to that incredibly annoying person who has the nerve not only to answer his phone at the theater (I’m talking live theater here, too, not just the movies) but to blithely conduct an entire conversation as if he were watching a Barbie DVD at home with his kids (those “movies,” by the way, are so horrible I wouldn’t blame anyone for seeking interruption/relief from them)

One should never leave the house without at least one of these cards in one’s pocket. Because more often than many people care to admit, silence is golden.            

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