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Monday, Monday (on Wednesday, which isn’t as bad as last week, right?)

dean and deluca butterfly cookies

Look at these amazing butterfly cookies they were selling at Dean and Deluca the other day. Their mere existence is enough to renew one’s faith in humanity, isn’t it?

This time it’s all about food, which is what I’m thinking about all the time for some reason I can’t explain…

A summer without ice cream is… well… something I can’t print on this blog, but hanging out with Mr Softee might not be your thing. (It probably shouldn’t be, if you ask me…) If you’re in NYC this summer, check out these slightly more wholesome ice cream options.

My name is Yeh is a great food blog. Check out the great weekend she just had…

How many times have you asked the question: “What am I going to cook with all of this stuff from the farmer’s market?” Cooking, the brand new food site from the New York Times has the answer…

Tonight I ate too much dinner. In fact, I eat too much dinner most nights. Perhaps I should take Miann at Free People Blog’s advice and listen to my body a bit more closely.

When recently visiting A Cup of Jo, I saw a post called “How to get your kids talking at dinner.” I, of course, had to click on it, even though my daughter is one of the most talkative kids you’ll ever meet. Turns out it was re-posted from Dinner a Love Story, which is another blog I frequent. And, not surprisingly, it has some good tips.

Now who wouldn’t want to make a bourbon slush punch THE MINUTE you saw the recipe?

Martha Stewart isn’t Martha for nothing. Take her delicious cook it in one pan style pasta with fresh tomatoes I just saw re printed (with slight adjustments) on Food52… I’m making this TONIGHT. Or actually, tomorrow night. Tonight I’m going out!!

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