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The Sandman doesn’t cometh nearly enough…


I have to admit to secretly being jealous of Sleeping Beauty… I could use 100 years of sleep right about now. (painting by Edward Burne-Jones)

Basically, I am in a constant state of tiredness. I’m either exhausted, or just plain tired, pretty much all the time. And I’ve heard that when we sleep 5 hours or less a night for 3 nights in a row, our ability to function is the same as when we are legally drunk.

Without any of the fun.

That being said, I am trying my damndest to do anything I can to remedy this situation, but the most obvious thing (Get more sleep!) seems to elude me. An engaged life in the big city with a kid and a husband and work and not much childcare does not leave a lot of room for shut-eye.

Enter, which I am hoping is going to save me.

According to all sorts of science, we sleep in 90 minute cycles and it is much easier and more beneficial to wake up at the end of a cycle than in the middle. In other words, it’s not so much about how much sleep you get as whether or not your sleep patterns align with these cycles. So, in the case of shut eye, less can sometimes mean more.

All you have to do is tell when you want to wake up, and it will calculate the optimal times for you to fall asleep. So if I need to wake at 6:15, I can fall asleep at 9:15 or 10:45 or 12:15 to reap the benefits of my natural cycles and wake up feeling refreshed. You can also tell it when you are going to bed, and it will give you the ideal times to rise and shine.

Needless to say, I will be trying this tonight. Anyone else game?

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  1. Les Boorstein

    Sounds great, actually!
    Love your blog and style;)

  2. Monica

    I had the same problem. I was constantly tired. Since I removed sugar and white flower from my diet I stopped having this problem. I have lots of energy. At the moment I am investigating the raw vegan diet. I think you should investigate on diets too. I have energy to spare now. All the best

  3. Brooke Williams Admin

    Thanks for the tip, Monica… Funny thing, I have just started seriously looking into changing my diet a bit. I’m not sure how disciplined I am, but the prospect of having more energy might be just the motivation I need!

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