This is authentic - "

Real live magic fairy dust!

cool kid mist

Just a spritz of this and your child will transform from a whirling dervish into a cherubic angel. Or something like that…

The minute I saw this little bottle of Calm Kid Mist on the shelf at Kiosk, one of my favorite local spots that I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about by now) I knew I had to have it. Visions of spraying a bit of this over my daughter’s WHY-CAN’T-I-HAVE-ANOTHER-BOWL-OF-ICE-CREAM storms and having it instantly dissipate are very very appealing.

Well it might not be quite that dramatic, but a nice gentle whiff of lavender and lemongrass will tone down even the most potent tempests. I’ve been spraying a bit on my daughter’s pillow before she goes to bed and I swear she’s falling asleep more quickly than ever. Plus her room smells lovely, which is never a bad thing.

ever hydrosol

As Fancy Nancy would say, a hydrosol is just a fancy way of saying mist.

And then for the Mamas, there is this Clary Sage Hydrosol from my absolute favorite (and brand new!) aromatherapy company EVER Brooklyn. Billed as a woman’s emotional rescue (sign me up!) the scent of clary sage is wonderful for relaxing without sedating. Because we grown ups need some fairy dust too!

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