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Limeade to the rescue!

braggs limeade

The apple cider vinegar people of choice have now gotten into the beverage business.

It’s spring break this week, so for us that means all bets are off, routine-wise. Movies every day, extended playdates with friends, a general optimistic feeling that warmer weather is here to stay…

Then comes the dreaded email from school about a student having strep throat, and the whole world of swimsuits and butterfly chasing comes crashing down around us.

Especially as our little one has a bit of a cough.

So I turn to all of my usual remedies with a vengeance, and while I was stocking up at the local health food store, I discovered another addition to the arsenal. Because while Mommy’s apple cider vinegar and honey tea is dutifully consumed, a prepackaged limeade from Braggs (that just happens to have that same magic vinegar in it) goes down like a treat.

And who doesn’t like a treat every now and again?

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