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The vinegar of my dreams

Quite simply the best balsamic vinegar I have ever tasted.

Quite simply the best balsamic vinegar I have ever tasted.

I have always been a fan of balsamic vinaigrette, while my husband is more of a olive oil, salt and lemon juice type of salad dresser. Josh’s tastes generally win out in the kitchen, his being the more masterful chef, but when he travels, which is fairly often, I find myself sneaking a nice balsamic onto the salad with rave reviews from the peanut gallery that is our daughter. The dark rich sweetness brings a salad just that much closer to candy, which is the ultimate food in her eyes.

But then my friend Nancy brought a bottle of this Cattani White Balsamic vinegar to our house the last time her family came for a visit, and I will be eternally grateful. Maybe it’s the light color, maybe the subtler-than-usual sweetness, but for whatever reason, after the first time we sprinkled this on our lettuce, Josh has been a convert. As have I. It just tastes WAY better. And without the outrageous pricetag of so many balsamics I have seen in my day. Plus my daughter will eat about a pound of greens when covered with the stuff.

I am now generously using up the last of my old vinegar, never to turn back. And so should you.

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