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Monday, Monday (on Tuesday again…) or more links about food.

bagels at barney greengrass

Breakfast at the venerable Barney Greengrass, as recently eaten by my family.

Evidently biscuits and scones are practically the same thing. At least according to NY Times food whisperer Julia Moskin. (This piece, by the way, is one of the most beautifully written articles I have read in this particular section of the paper.)

Generally, the term gluten-free makes me want to run for the hills, but I’m thinking I might just try making these double corn, quinoa and cheddar muffins. Cause they look that good.

Here are 10 basic breakfast making survival tips that everyone should know. Even you.

Did you know about the incredible mason jar blender trick?

What about this hilarious onion trick, for the truly sneaky among us?

Maybe you’re about to drive somewhere and you don’t want to listen to top 40 radio… check out NPR’s Leonard Lopate and his guest, author Marion Nestle, talk about the politics of food instead.

I went to Eatly for dinner the other night and was shocked at how stupendous the dining experience was… especially as it kind of feels like you’re eating at the airport.

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