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Monday, Monday, on Tuesday – or more links about Mercury retrograde, Dazed and Confused and renouncing gluten

shelter island ferry in the snow

My husband thought we were crazy to be riding the ferry to Shelter Island this weekend in a snowstorm. At the time, I thought he was being a wimp. Upon closer inspection of this photo, I’m not so sure I was right…

Ugh. On Friday, Con Ed shut down the power on our block (“Only for a few hours”) for repairs. No matter that it was sub freezing and our heat is electric. On Saturday, a crazy snowstorm (they said 1-2 inches and we got 8!) On Monday, my phone somehow fell out of my pocket into a snowbank, causing the whole family to stop our frolicking and dig around on hands and knees till we found it. In short, Mercury is in retrograde. Here are some survival tips.

And, while we’re on the topic of the cosmos, what color is the universe, anyway?

Can British fashion mag Dazed and Confused really help bloggers start to make a decent living?

Unicorns really do exist. Under the sea.

Want to know where you were, say, 2 years ago at 6 pm on February 18th? Chances are, Google can show you. Because it’s keeping track.

Turns out your WiFi router is probably killing your houseplants. But it’s totally safe for humans, so no need to worry. Oh no wait…

And, apropos of nothing, here’s why you might want to rethink going gluten free.

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