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The bright side, literally…

commune light fixture

When in doubt, go with the basics, but add a little twist. (There I go again with the magazine-style captions. Sorry…)

So my office is not the only room that needs a little work… Our bathroom ceiling is pretty cracked, too, with huge amount of paint falling down, a broken light fixture… the works. Too embarrassing even for me to take a photo of. But we’re taking advantage of this little fix-it moment to really eliminate all of the eye sores at once (not counting my excessive stuff, which is going to take a long long time to expunge.)

We’re going for a super simple new fixture in the bathroom and changing the yellow color to a heather grey. We chose a charcoal grey for the light, but I secretly have a hankering for this red version, so I put it up here instead. Maybe one of you will get the red version and I can come over to visit it.

I’ll be sure to do a whole before/after story once we have an after to speak of.

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