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So my in laws are cleaning out their house. The one where they have lived for 40ish years. Making space, freshening up, etc etc. Secretly, I think it’s just an excuse to get rid of all of their grown kids’ junk and finally reposses the place for themsleves.

We’ll never know for sure. But what we do know, is that, during every visit from them, a new set of boxes or bags or just piles of stuff arrives in our already overcrowded apartment. Could be annoying (do I really need to see the cumberbun my beloved wore to various bar mitsvas as a teenager?) but a few things have made the whole process worthwhile.

One of these gems is The Big Orange Splot by the great Daniel Pinkwater. It tells the story of the moustached Mr Plumbean who, after a bird spilled orange paint on his roof, was inspired to transform his mundane home into a psychedelic junglescape, complete with hammocks and tropical drinks in the yard. The neighbors all freak out, and one by one attempt to convince Plumbean to come back into the fold of conformity, but the awesome Plumbean doesn’t give in.

I mean look at this place! Would you change it?

Of course not. And neither would your kid. This is a beautiful example of a person following their dream and creating their own world. Would that there were more Plumbeans out there.

For some reaosn beyond all understanding, The Big Orange Splot is out of print. But it is readily available at Alibris, and other second hand book stores both in the world and online, so you can go find it.

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