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Dream, beautifully

It’s been open for a few months now, and while so many bright shiny new things fade within moments of bursting onto the scene, Beautiful Dreamers, the shop/gallery/hangout/treasure chest/treehouse on Wythe and South 1st in Williamsburg, glows brighter every day.

An enchanted space filled with one of a kind, vintage and other sundry objects culled from founders’ April Hughs and Marina Burini’s wanderings (in their other lives, they are both stylists), the shop is one of those places that is next to impossible to leave empty handed. Yes, these are fairy clothes, my friends, but they are most definitely for grown ups.

From hand sewn leather moccasins to the best lip/hand balm you will ever use, to a beautiful book that you can’t take your nose out of, or that one incredible cotton dress to take you through the season, to ceramic tiles, just take my advice, bring a bag and be prepared to part with some of your money.

I mean, how do you resist anything that you try on in this magical dressing room?

Tons more photos, etc, if you click below…

The singular handcrafted and vintage clothes hang from a rack made of branches, natch. What else would faries shop from?

Candles, teas and tinctures (and other stuff) to increase our sensory experience.

Spoons (and a fork) to ladle out and display some of the aforementioned stuff.

Shoes to wear while cavorting in the forests by moonlight.

Bracelets with which to adorn ourselves… The list goes on and on. This is one of those places that sucks you in and then spits you out, 45 minutes later, somewhat belidered and, more often than not, holding some crazy article in your hand.

But before you march right in, all sensible like, and return it, try putting it on. You might actually begin to see how some of those beautiful dreams become reality.

Beautiful Dreamers, 326 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn; (718) 388-4884

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