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for the little savers (gift guide #7)

I am horrible when it comes to managing money. It’s a miracle I haven’t been carried off by men in black suits and briefcases and locked in the basement of a bank someplace for decades, never to emerge until I finally learn how to balance my checkbook.

I am determined to save my little one from this horrible fate. And so the lessons in how to deal with money must begin. The experts say to keep it fun and simple at the beginning, and what better way to do that for your kids than with their very own piggy bank. There are literally millions of options out there… Here are three of my favorites.

This glass piggy (see above) from Brooklyn’s own The Golden Calf (one of my favorite neighborhood spots) has the added motivation of letting you watch the savings grow inside the bank.

Head a few blocks south from the Golden Calf and you will find this ceramic piggy bank, living happily among the other beautiful things at the Brook Farm General Store. And there’s no need to break the bank should the need for some extra candy money arise– a cork in the back gives you full access to all contents.

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Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a hilarious and action packed way to save your pennies. Just put a coin on the dish and watch the cat emerge to gently pull the booty back into her little box. You can find this kitty bank at, which, by the way, is a whole experience in and of itself, that is not to be missed.

And lastly, f you’re feeling like making an activity out of it, go to to learn how to make a papier maché piggy bank of your own. And while you’re there, you can get some good financial advice for the entire family, which is never a bad thing.

Happy saving!

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