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i heart Tess Giberson

Sure, fashion week is over, and sure I meant to post this 10 days ago, but neither of those facts make the Tess Giberson Fall 2011 collection any less stupendous. Or me love it any less. I think this woman is a genius and count myself lucky to be among her biggest fans. Her clothes are intelligent, wearable and left-of-center without being overwraught or overworked. And because they are modern but not at all trendy, you can wear them season after season without looking at all dated. Which is important when you are laying down some cash for an article of clothing.

This season, Giberson showed with the grownups up at Lincoln Center, but her show– an artful layering of texture, shape and color–  was not the usual catwalk affair. She had her models standing, stock still, on various white and metallic platforms in the middle of the room. Great for those of us who want to spend time deciding which look is our favorite. Not so great for the models, several of whom gave out and had to sit down for a moment or two. But then again… maybe they should have eaten breakfast…

For my favorites, click below:

So first off, those pants. And then after I got over thinking about how they are going to become my uniform next fall (or part of it, at least) I shifted to appreciating the excellent subtlty of the various shapes of black, layered one over the other. Even if I will never wear anything this way. It still looks great.

Next up, more layers. This time with a bit of color. Or at least, less black. And the most brilliant cowl neck scarf thing that I also really wish was available right now. Because winter is far from over. Gonna have to wait. Sigh.

And then finally, color! Because come on,  who doesn’t love a red dress?

The entire collection is well worth checking out. I know she’s sold at Barneys and Intermix, plus she’s opening her own store on Crosby Street in SoHo very very soon (was supposed to be January, but you know how those things go…) Check back here for news of that, as I’m sure I’ll write something about how excited I am.

And it won’t be a lie…

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