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So I ran into my friend Dara Caponigro the other day at Soul Cycle, the ultra hip spin (i.e. indoor cycling) studio on the upper east side of Manhattan. I was shooting for a large scale installation I’ve been working on (more on that later) and Dara was there to get her groove on in a class. A veteran shelter magazine editor (Elle Decor, Domino) Dara has perhaps the most elegant taste of anyone I have ever met. So I naturally asked her what she suggested I put in this little gift guide and, funnily enough, the first idea that popped into her head were these heart shaped cutting boards from a British company called Daylesford Organic.

more below:

My first thought is that they would be corny, but knowing Dara as well as I do, I went to the site, checked them out and fell in love with them myself. So beautifully constructed… and I can only imagine how amazing they will look after 20 years of use. A hell of a lot better than some random iPhone accessory, that’s for sure. Maybe you give them in combination with a cheese platter from the Bedford Cheese Shop, one of my favorite local spots. Maybe you just bookmark the link and give it to your main squeeze on Valentine’s Day. But whatever you do, the site is worth a look and you should order a bit in advance as the goods have to be shipped from the UK.

And now, I SWEAR, I will leave the kitchen behind and check out some other gift options. Maybe I’m not getting enough to eat or something…

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